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Jamaican Film Festival Award Winner - Belizean Free Movies Online
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Jamaican Film Festival Award Winner - Belizean Free Movies Online

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Published on Jul 02, 2015
A multi media film company that produced the Jamaican Movie Award winning film that was filmed in Belize called STRANDED N DANGRIGA and over 30 concert DVD’s featuring popular Jamaican, Belizean, Trinidadian and other Caribbean artist, announced winning the BEST COMEDY Feature movie at the Jamaican Reggae film festival. The Award was a big surprise to Producer/Director Ross Jordan considering Jamaican Movies are seen in belize but this film was only intended for the viewing pleasure of a small town in Belize called Dangriga and the local Belizean cable television companies.

Jamaican Movies are very popular in Jamaica so we had to also present STRANDED N DANGRIGA at it's home, the Belize International Film Festival in June, 2013 and a Judge, Erika Alexander, a fan of Jamaican Movies and an American actress best known for her roles as Pam Tucker on the NBC sitcom the Cosby show, and as Maxine Shaw on the FOX sitcom Living Single called this Belizean Movie “The Hangover Comedy for Belize”, referring to the box office hit “The Hangover” a $35 million dollar budget film. It’s obvious STRANDED N DANGRIGA’s budget was nowhere near The Hangover but it helped Executive Producer Martin A. Gordon and Producer/Director Ross Jordan decide to treat this film like a Jamaican Movie and include subtitles to STRANDED N DANGRIGA and take it international beyond the boarders of Belize.

If you like Jamaican Movies you will love this Belizean movie STRANDED N DANGRIGA, it has been getting great reviews locally and abroad from Jamaican movie goers and the general public, movie critics and news outlets. Channel 7 News Belize called it “Thoroughly Entertaining”, Critic: Angie Quidim of That’s My Entertainment called it “a Beautiful Romantic Comedy in a tropical paradise” and “comparable to the Kevin Hart movies with an independent Caribbean twist” the critic: Pamela Stitch called it “an Entertaining Story that will keep you laughing”. Filmthreat.com said “it’s absorbing and seriously funny, you’ll be glued to the screen while laughing, crying and arguing with your significant other” and “its socially provocative script is extremely well-crafted and very dryly hilarious” The general public from Amazon.com is saying “it’s super funny and the scenery is amazing”, “Love this movie it reminded me of Jamaica”. Members at the Internet Movie Database is saying “I love this comedy”, “hilarious, it reminds me of Venezuela where I’m from” and “enjoyed this movie and l was looking forward to seeing more!”

Jamaican Movies style Stranded N Dangriga the Belizean Movie

Jamaican Movies type Stranded N Dangriga the Belizean Movie

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